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A young woman from Taiwan retained our firm to assist her with her application for U.S. citizenship. She has spent a significant amount of time traveling outside of the country, since obtaining her lawful permanent residence, five years earlier. We calculated the exact number of days she was outside of the U.S. and compared it to the number of days she had spent in the country. We were able to determine that she had spent the requisite number of days in the U.S., more than half of her time in the past five years. We filed her N-400 and very shortly afterwards, she was sent an appointment for her biometrics, also known as her fingerprint appointment. Not long after that appointment we received the appointment for her naturalization appointment. A week prior to the appointment we met in order to go over all of the documents she needed to bring to the final interview. We worked on the civics portion of the exam and we determined that she was ready for her test.

Our client passed her exam with flying colors. The officer let her know that she was approved and that she would be receiving an appointment for her oath ceremony shortly afterwards. Within a week, the oath ceremony was scheduled, and our client was sworn in as a U.S. citizen, three months after filing her initial application.

Our client passed her exam with flying colors.