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Petition To Remove Conditions of Condtional Residence Status

We were hired by a woman from Korea who initially received her conditional residence by virtue of marriage to her former husband, a United States citizen. The couple met when she began working for him as a research assistant, he a professor at her university. When she graduated and applied for medical school, she had to relocate to another part of Florida, as she wasn’t able to continue at the school where her husband taught. Due to the distance, the couple drifted apart and eventually filed for divorce, prior to the I-751 being adjudicated. We were hired to represent after she filed the I-751 but had never received a decision. She had been waiting close to six years! The problem with her case is that she had very little proof that they were married and in a committed relationship. She did not appear on his mortgage, they did not share any medical insurance or any utility bills. They had very little co-mingling of funds and very scant photographic evidence, not even one photo of their wedding. During the pendency of her application, she graduated from medical school and accepted a position in Chicago. We attended several infopass appointments on her behalf to request that the application be adjudicated. Even though she moved, she did not want to change her address with USCIS to keep the case from being delayed even further. We appeared with her at her interview in South Florida, only to be told that the case had been transferred to Chicago, as USCIS had evidence that she no longer resided in Florida. We immediately contacted the Chicago Field Office and requested that they schedule her for an appointment as soon as possible, as she had been waiting for six years for a resolution. Soon after our inquiry, we received a response from USCIS, where they promised a quick resolution. Less than two months after our inquiry she was scheduled for an interview at the Chicago Field Office.

USCIS adjudicated her application!