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Adjustment of Status

We were hired to represent a couple on their petition for removal of their conditional status, after they were issued a Request for Evidence (RFE) following their initial petition to remove the condition. The husband, the United States citizen, petitioned for his wife, a woman from the Philippines, after meeting her on an overseas Asian dating website and corresponding with her for several months on line. We initially represented them on their application for conditional residence, which was approved almost three years earlier. We responded to the RFE by filing a plethora of documentation surrounding their marriage, including updated photos and affidavits from friends and family members.

At the interview, the Officer asked detailed questions regarding how the couple met and formed a relationship through the dating site. They were also questioned regarding a discrepancy in their addresses. The couple lived at a leased and shared apartment home, but used the husband’s family address to receive all of their mail. The Officer was concerned about this issued, but the reasons were explained and any concerns were cleared up at the interview, including questions regarding a difference in their age and religions.

Lawful Permanent Residence Granted.