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West Palm Beach Business Immigration

Palm Beach Business Immigration

Work-Related Relocation

Many people immigrate to the United States to work. By entering into the U.S. with a business visa, you are allowing yourself enough allotted time to be able to remain within the country for travel, business, education or personal use. If your work in the States requires a residency of some sorts, you may obtain residency through a green card, permanent residence, status or even naturalization. Obtaining a work visa requires that your south Florida future employer provide adequate paperwork and proof of employment. These papers will be presented to the United States Consulate in your home country and can help you obtain a work visa.

Anyone looking to enter into the state of Florida to conduct business will be required to obtain a B-1 business visitor visa. This B-1 visa is a form of non-immigrant visa and has a few requirements to obtain. Business visa applicants need to show proof that they are negotiating a contract or conducting a new business relationship within the States, attending a convention or conference or consulting with business partners that work in the U.S. You may also obtain a B-1 visa if you are settling an estate or taking part in training provided by your company in your home country.

For those who are not qualified for a B-1 business visa, our attorneys may still be able to help you obtain an investment visa or other type of visa to help you conduct your business ventures.

Business Visa Attorney in West Palm Beach

Will you be visiting Florida to conduct a business meeting? If you are doing anything business related or looking to immigrate as a permanent or temporary resident to the United States to further profit your company, contact our attorneys today. Our established attorneys have over 90 years of combined experience in assisting individuals throughout the U.S. and other countries in immigration-related issues. If you have any concerns about qualification or if you are an employer looking to hire a foreign national, contact our firm today!