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Boynton Beach Decides Against Sanctuary City Status

Boynton Beach Immigration Lawyer

What was expected to be a civil discussion devolved into a shouting match on December 5, 2017, when Boynton Beach Commissioner Christina Romelus held a meeting to discuss whether the city should become a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. Tensions ran high between those who supported the idea and those who believe that ignoring immigration regulations is tantamount to promoting anarchy and criminal activity. The two groups clashed in a meeting that was preceded by harsh words and threats of violence.

What Is a Sanctuary City?

Sanctuary cities exist both in the U.S. and in Canada. These cities have agreed publicly to limit the degree of cooperation given to federal immigration officials and to provide what amounts to a safe haven for undocumented immigrants. By reducing the risk of deportation among these individuals and families, sanctuary cities can sometimes create a more positive environment in which undocumented individuals will be more likely to report crimes against them and to allow their children to enroll in public schools. This can allow these individuals to make a positive impact on American society while reducing the chance that they will be exploited or mistreated because of their undocumented status.

Two Sides to the Issue

Boynton Beach police do not actively pursue undocumented immigrants. They do, however, cooperate with federal authorities upon request. Opponents of sanctuary cities point to the illegal status of undocumented immigrants as a starting point for other unlawful activity. They also cite the requirements in place for legal immigration as a way for these individuals to enter the country and pursue their goals without breaking the law. Those in favor of sanctuary cities, by contrast, note the contributions that immigrants have made to this country and the generally law-abiding status of these individuals. By offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, proponents claim that progress can be made toward a less exploitative environment for these vulnerable populations.

Boynton Beach Immigration Lawyer

For most undocumented individuals and families, seeking the help of a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer is a solid first step toward correcting issues with their immigration status and resolving problems with the federal government. At Pozo Goldstein, our West Palm Beach immigration lawyers can provide you with the most effective representation for your case and the best options for your family. Call us at 561-578-4977 to set up a free consultation and to protect your legal right to remain in the U.S.