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The Delay in Executive Action for Immigration Reform

Why did President Obama delay executive action for comprehensive immigration reform? One needs to look no further than back to 1994. In 1994 President Clinton the Democrats pushed a crime bill through and gun control politics have not recovered.

Here, the Obama administration has come under intense scrutiny by immigrant advocates tired of delays in Congress to fix the Nation’s broken immigration system. What the administration is fearful of, is the upcoming November elections and the ramifications for the Democrats should he push immigration reform by executive action. Clearly, the President does not want the headline to be, “Immigration Killed the Democrats”.

So, the millions of undocumented immigrants in Atlanta and around the country continue to wait and wait for the day when they can normalize their status and provide for their families with the peace of mind that they will not be arrested and face deportation.

The time from the November elections until the end of the calendar year will hold the answer to whether the President will stick to his word. Millions of people hope so.