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Deportations of Central Americans Begin

A group of children from Honduras were deported this week in one of the first flights carrying immigrants back to their native country since President Obama promised to speed up the processing and deportation of the undocumented immigrant juveniles.

The juveniles were deported to San Pedro Sula, the city with the most murders in the entire world. The children who were deported were aged between 18 months and 15 years old.

The parents of these children face a terrible choice that can be compared to someone on a high floor facing either flames or jumping. These children are most likely to die or join a dangerous gang in Central America. Some of them were exposed to very difficult conditions in immigration detention even after arriving in the United States. Although there is poverty in Central America, the central reason for the desperate attempts to enter the United States is the horrific violence from gangs and drug cartels.

President Obama has been trying to negotiate with Republican lawmakers who have refused to consider the comprehensive immigration reform proposed by the United States Senate.

The Republican House has only a few more weeks before the August recess to consider comprehensive immigration reform. Passing immigration reform will help the border issue as well.