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Changes May Be on the Way for H-1B Visas

The Trump administration is sending signals that it plans to overhaul the immigration system as it applies to skilled workers seeking visas for employment in this country. The changes are expected to impact H-1B visa holders and may include a path to citizenship for new arrivals and those already living and working in the United States. By enlisting the help of a West Palm Beach visa lawyer, these immigrants may be able to secure a more stable future for themselves and their families.

Trump Tweeted About Changes

In what has become a signature move for President Trump, he announced these possible changes in a Twitter post:

“H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship.”

While the implications of this statement are not yet clear, Trump’s tweet seems to indicate that he does not plan to tighten restrictions or to stop the flow of H-1B visas to skilled workers from other countries. This could be good news for those interested in pursuing a career in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in the United States.

Obtaining the Right Legal Help

Working with a qualified West Palm Beach immigration lawyer is often the best first step toward resolving issues with visas and ensuring the right to remain in the U.S. legally. An experienced West Palm Beach visa lawyer can provide guidance and legal support in obtaining H-1B visas for employment and H-4 visas for family members of skilled workers. This can often provide added help in dealing with these issues quickly and effectively.

If you or your family members need the services of a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein can provide you with representation tailored to suit your specific set of needs. Because our legal team includes two former prosecuting attorneys in the immigration field and a former judge, we can deliver the most practical and positive solutions for your immigration situation. Call our office today at 561-578-4977 to set up a free in-office consultation with our West Palm Beach visa lawyers. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.