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Immigrants Constitute Almost One-Third of Essential Workers in Florida

H1B Lawyer

West Palm Beach H1B Lawyer

Figures recently released by the Florida Policy Institute demonstrate the importance of immigrants as part of the essential workforce. Immigrants make up almost one-third of the workers classed as essential in the state of Florida, which exceeds the average of 17 percent across the United States. Unfortunately, many of these individuals cannot access treatment options for COVID-19, which may put them at even higher risk for death from complications of the disease. This could result in excess mortality for these essential workers in the state of Florida. Seeking help from an immigration attorney, West Palm Beach residents can rely on for expert representation is a solid step toward resolving any issues with immigration status and visas in our area.

Added Risks and Few Protections

Immigrants here under an H1B visa typically work in skilled positions in healthcare and technology. Many medical professionals are currently classed as essential because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has put them at higher risk of contracting the disease. If they do become ill or, worse yet, die from COVID-19, the families of H1B visa holders could be deported immediately as a result of the loss of eligibility for immigration status. This could result in considerable hardships for those who work hardest on behalf of patients in the current crisis situation.

The Benefits of an H1B Lawyer

Retaining the services of a qualified H1B lawyer is essential to protect the rights of visa holders and their families in the current political environment. By taking steps now, you and your family can proactively protect your right to stay in the United States and to pursue your employment and educational goals. Your attorney will work with you to determine the most effective approach to dealing with your situation and to file all necessary paperwork to protect your status in the immigration system.

Hiring a West Palm Beach H1B Lawyer

If you are looking for an immigration attorney West Palm Beach families trust and rely on for guidance and support, Pozo Goldstein offers the immigration representation you need. Our team includes two former prosecuting attorneys in the immigration field and a former judge. This depth of experience allows us to provide you with the most practical solutions for your immigration needs. To learn more or to touch base with an H1B lawyer in our office, call us today at 561-578-4977 to schedule a free consultation by phone or Skype. We are here to help you protect your version of the American dream.