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President Obama Blames the Border Crisis for Immigration Reform Delay

Recently, President Obama met with reporter Chuck Todd, in an exclusive interview on Meet the Press, and discussed his executive decision that has delayed the legislation on the Immigration Reform from passing. The President commented on the recent surge of unaccompanied immigrant children crossing the Mexican border into the United States. He asserts that this dramatic influx of migrants, which he refers to as the “Border Crisis,” has put the immigration debate at the forefront of national news and has forced a change in the current immigration policy.

The President denied allegations that postponing the passage of new legislation was a political tactic, aimed at helping the Democratic Party in the months before the midterm elections take place. He stated that before the Immigration Reform would be put forward, the new policies must be “sustainable” and that an announcement should be forthcoming in the later in the year.

President Obama defended his stance on immigration and further stated that he is going to act on the proposed reform, because it is “the right thing for the country.” He further explained that the American public will need to better understand all of the facts on immigration and therefore, its necessity. The President stated in the interview, that he believes only when the general public truly understands the issues, can the policy be effective and sustainable.

An official statement was made to NBC News earlier last week by the White House staff that the President will not move forward on any proposed Immigration Reform or policy change until after November of this year.

A White House official further added that President Obama has made the decision to postpone any further action at this time, because of the Republican Party’s strident opposition to any proposed changes. The position of the White House is that the Republicans’ goal to politicize the issue of Immigration Reform would be harmful to the policy itself and in the end, for any long-term projections for its success. The view expressed by the President is that any movement he would make regarding the passage of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, at this point would only hurt the chances of a viable policy change. He credits his decision not to act presently on moving this legislation forward at the present time, to this cause.

While the White House administration continues to assert that an executive action regarding the Immigration Policy will in fact take place before year end, many advocates for Immigration Reform are furious and have lost their patience with the President. These advocates do not believe the line that the White House is offering. Instead, these activists view the current delay as another broken promise by the President. The assurances he made previously regarding the passage of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform are clearly not being kept at present. The only thing to hope for at this point will be that the issue is truly being delayed for tactical reasons and will be further addressed and put forward within the next month or two, before year end, as promised.