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Senator McCain Says Immigration Reform NOW

Senator John McCain said this past Sunday that he is not going to throw in the towel on immigration reform in 2014. He feels that as the cultural landscape in the United States continues to change, the Republicans will need to step up and pass a meaningful immigration reform bill. He said as much to Candy Crowley on her “State of the Union” show.

Last month the House Republicans worked on principles for immigration standards and Speaker John Boehner made several moves that buoyed the hopes of immigrant advocates. But, not long after, Boehner announced that immigration reform was not likely this year.

The Republicans now say that they do not trust President Obama to enforce any laws that may be part of immigration legislation. McCain, however, sees the writing on the wall in terms of demographics and the increasing Hispanic population. McCain urges his colleagues to work on passing immigration reform and not wait until 2015 when it may be too late for the Republicans to keep up with the growing Hispanic population.