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Supreme Court Immigration Case Depends on Interpretation of Wording

Nielsen v. Preap

The word “when” could have a major impact on a decision facing the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the futures of immigrants in this country. The case hinges on the meaning of the word as it applies to a law that requires mandatory detention for immigrants “when the alien is released” from prison. Immigration proponents argue that mandatory detention only applies immediately after the release from prison and not many years later. Those generally opposed to immigration have interpreted the when to mean at any point after the immigrant has served his or her time and has been released from prison.

One of the First Cases for Kavanaugh

After a contentious and controversial confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court on October 6, 2018, and began hearing arguments immediately. One of the first cases on the docket is Nielsen v. Preap, which will determine whether immigrants who have completed their sentences for criminal offenses are exempt from detention by federal officials if they are not detained immediately after their release from prison.

Division Along Conservative and Liberal Lines

While Anthony Kennedy was a moderate force on the Supreme Court, most analysts believe that Kavanaugh will be much more conservative in his rulings. This was borne out by his statements on Nielsen v. Preap and his interpretation of the applicable laws, which he argued were intended to enforce “harshness on this topic.” The four liberal members of the court argued that the “when” of mandatory detention should be within a reasonable amount of time after release from prison. Five conservative justices, however, argued that the time period was not defined and could be as long as necessary after the release of the immigrant at the end of the prison term.

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