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Terrific Work!

Dear Ada, Steven and Frieda, I am writing to express my gratitude for the terrific work Linda Jesselson and Courtney Noce did this year on my behalf. Last week I received notice that USCIS had approved my petition to adjust status and ordered for my green card to be printed. After more than 13 years in the United States, this represented a huge dream come true. When I first contacted Linda early this year, I was leery of immigration lawyers because an attorney my company hired several years ago made a mistake that led to a denial of a PERM petition. After that experience, our corporate lawyer was under the impression that there was little the company could do for me beyond keeping me on a non-immigrant work visa status as long as possible. For years, my immigration status felt like a curse. Despite having attained significant recognition in my field, I could not shake the feeling that the life I had carved out for myself here came with an expiration date that I was powerless to push back. My first conversation with Linda and Courtney marked a key turning-point. I trusted them instinctively. They were reassuring, but careful not to over-promise. They were warm, responsive, creative and assertive. Working alongside them putting together an EB-1 petition, I came to believe I had a shot at prevailing. To say I was a high maintenance client would be an understatement. But Linda and Courtney unfailingly polite, diligent and good-humored. I can’t recall ever feeling this optimistic about the future. I have been so excited since I got my formal approval notice, I have trouble sleeping at night. This is in no small part because I was lucky enough to cross paths with two of your lawyers at the right time. I am sure my praise for Linda and Courtney’s work will come as no surprise to you, but I nonetheless wanted to take the time to convey it. I will forever be grateful to them and your firm and and will continue steering potential clients your way..

Past Client