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Are you considering immigration of any kind?

There are many reasons why someone would want to immigrate to the United States including, but not limited to, work opportunities, better living conditions, or to be with family. There are also countless reasons why someone would want to temporarily visit the U.S., for business opportunities, investment opportunities, and visitors for pleasure.

The immigration process, whether to obtain a green card, become a United States citizen, or simply obtain permission to travel in and out of the United States freely can be a long and sometimes difficult one. The same applies to obtaining a temporary visa; the process can be confusing, expensive and difficult to go through. Let our West Palm Beach immigration attorneys from Pozo Goldstein help you in any immigration situation.

Are you in need of an immigration attorney for any reason?

Immigration is an area of the law that is highly specialized and calls for attorneys who are proficient in this particular area of law. The partners at Pozo Goldstein, LLP, hail from a background of government service. Two of the partners were prosecutors for the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of the Chief Counsel, formerly, the Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service and one is a former Judge. Because of this experience, we are able to provide a unique approach to our practice, having had the opportunity to work on both ends of the immigration spectrum. We are able to offer experienced attorneys in all areas of immigration including, work related and business visas, investment and visas based on talent or artistic ability. We also represent clients in family based petitions from a United States citizen spouse filing for their partner, or a parent or child. We also specialize in all cases before the immigration court, where an individual may be facing removal or deportation. We handle all immigration needs from filing applications for political asylum to applying for United States citizenship. Below is some further information on each of these areas:

Immigration Services for Employers:

The importance of efficiently working within the parameters set by the Department of Homeland Security can prove to be challenging. It is essential that you seek the counsel of competent immigration attorneys who can guide you through the very tedious and rigorous process of adhering to the guidelines set out under the federal immigration laws. Please read further about information for employers.

The Individual Seeking to Immigrate Permanently to the United States:

There are various ways an individual can immigrate to the United States lawfully and permanently. Some of the options include a family based petition, political asylum, or various other avenues. It is important to work with a reputable and competent immigration attorney who can help you navigate through the process, which can be complicated. Please read more about your individual immigration needs.

United States Citizenship

The process of becoming a United States citizen by naturalizing can be a complicated process. It is important to be represented by attorneys who can foresee any areas that may be of concern and avoid having the application denied. It is essential that the application process is handled precisely and diligently in order to ensure a successful outcome. Please read more about citizenship.

Lawful Permanent Residency – also known as “Green Card” recipient

The process of becoming a lawful permanent resident can be achieved through several avenues. It is important to meet with competent counsel who can guide you through the safest and quickest process that may be available for your specific set of circumstances. It is very important that the application process be completed properly, including all of the required documentation that must accompany the petition. Please read more about obtaining your “green card”.


A visa is the document that allows someone to enter the United States lawfully for a certain period of time. Visas can vary in their purpose from visitors to employment based. When applying for a visa to the United States it is important to know the appropriate procedure so that the initial visa is not denied. Please read more about visas.

Deportation Defense

One of our areas of expertise lies in defending individuals from deportation or removal. When the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement also known as ICE, is seeking to remove someone, it can be frightening. As former prosecutors with the government, our experience in this area cannot be compared. From the time a Notice to Appear (NTA) is issued, to appearing in front of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) or the Immigration Judge, we are uniquely qualified in this arena. We at Pozo Goldstein, LLP excel in our representation before the Immigration Court. From the moment you or your loved one is either issued a NTA or detained by ICE, it is important to contact us so that we can take immediate action to either apply for a bond for release or request parole with ICE. It is virtually impossible to represent yourself before the Immigration Court and there is no Public Defender assigned in immigration cases. Please read more about deportation defense.


Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences an individual or a couple can have. The process of adopting a child from overseas is extremely complicated and can be difficult due to the stringent documentary requirements. It is important to be represented by a qualified immigration firm, who can work hand in hand with a family lawyer to help your child immigrate to the United States quickly and as effortlessly as possible, allowing you to focus on the needs of the new member of your family, rather than the paperwork. Please read more about adoption.


Asylum is a unique opportunity for individuals who are present in the United States and fear returning to their home country. When an individual seeks asylum in the United States, their fear must be based on one of five enumerated grounds; race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion. Once an application for asylum is filed, an interview before an asylum officer will be scheduled. It is important to have a competent immigration attorney help prepare you application and accompany you to the initial interview. If asylum is granted at the asylum unit, one year later, you may apply for lawful permanent residence status. If the asylum is not granted, but referred to the Immigration Judge, you receive a second “bite at the apple” and are able to present your claim for asylum before the Immigration Judge and Prosecutor for ICE. Pozo Goldstein, LLP is uniquely qualified in this field since the partners have handled thousands of asylum hearings before the Immigration Judge in their capacity as Prosecutors for the government as well as many years spent defending our clients in the private sector. At the hearing before the Immigration Judge, it is essential that you retain qualified and competent legal assistance to prepare you for trial. At your individual hearing, you will be required to testify and will have the opportunity of presenting witnesses and additional evidence to bolster your claim. For more information on asylum, please read further.


If you are your loved one is arrested or detained by the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement or (ICE), it is urgent for you to contact the attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP so that we can immediately petition for release by filing a bond motion before the Immigration Judge, in addition to filing a parole request before ICE, or the Deportation Officer. Bond can be granted in cases where we can evidence that our client is not a flight risk, or a danger to the community and has family ties in the United States. Please read more about bond/detention.

Business Immigration

Many people desire to relocate to the United States in order to start a business. In order to do this there are many types of business and investment visas available. It is important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney in order to find the type of visa that fits your particular area of business and immigration needs. The partners at Pozo Goldstein, LLP have an extremely successful business based immigration practice. Please schedule an appointment, either in person or via Skype to discuss your business immigration options. Please read more about Business Immigration.

Business Visas

A business visa is very specific to the type of business or industry. At Pozo Goldstein LLP, we handle business visas from the latest in high tech companies to some of the top Paris shoe designers. It is important to speak with a highly trained and specialized immigration attorney who handles these matters exclusively. Please read more about Business Visas.

Criminal Defense and Immigration

A large side of our practice deals with criminal defense and its relation to our client’s immigration needs. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP we are uniquely qualified to represent our clients on both criminal and immigration matters. One of our partners is a former Dade County Criminal Court Judge, who exclusively handles criminal matters for our immigration clients. It is essential that the criminal attorney you hire be versed with the current immigration laws and how any plea may affect your immigration status in the United States. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP our first priority is to secure your immigration status and to that end, our representation on the criminal defense directly relates to any immigration consequences. Please read more about Criminal Defense and Immigration.

Detained by ICE?

If you or your loved one is arrested or detained by the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, also known as ICE, it is urgent that you contact our office immediately. We have attorneys available at any time to take your call and help you locate where ICE intends to detain the individual. We will act swiftly in order to help have our client released from ICE custody, sometimes before they are even seen by the Immigration Judge. To that end we file a Bond Motion as well as a request for parole from ICE directly. We work with the family members of the detainee to gather the documents necessary in order for the ICE officer to evaluate and make a favorable finding on behalf of our client to expedite release from ICE custody. Please read more about being detained by ICE.

Employment Eligibility Verification

It is important that employers verify that the people they hire have lawful permission to work in the United States. If an employer does not verify the qualifications of their employees, they can face serious federal charges that may be filed by the Department of Homeland Security. It is important to seek the advice of a qualified immigration attorney in order to follow the strict guidelines set in place by the Department of Homeland Security. Pease read more on employment eligibility verification.

Employment Visas

There are five different categories of employment visas vary depending on priority and preference. The attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP are fluent in the language of all employment visas and can guide you towards the visa that best suits your individual and specific qualifications and needs. We are extremely successful in our employment based visa division and will be happy to provide a consultation either in person, or via Skype to assist you in making the correct decision on which visa to pursue. Please read more about Employment Visas.

Family Based Visa Petitions

There are many types of family based visas and petitions. An individual outside of the United States may be petitioned for by their United States citizen fiancé, spouse, parent or child. Individuals present in the United States who are undocumented, regardless of how they entered the country, are eligible to apply for lawful permanent resident, by virtue of marriage to their United States citizen spouse. There are also family based visas available for siblings of United States citizens and children (over 21) who are born in the United States may apply for their undocumented parents. There are many other possible visas that are based on family relationship and the attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP can provide you with the best possible family petition that would be suitable for your particular needs. Please read more about Family Based Visa Petitions.

Fiancé Visa

A fiancé visa is a special way to apply for an intended spouse who resides outside of the United States. It is important to provide the proper documentation that will allow USCIS to favorably adjudicate the petition. The attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP are versed in putting together successful petition packages to submit to USCIS in order for your fiancé to immigrate to the United States as quickly as possible. Once your fiancé enters the United States under the fiancé visa, the marriage must be conducted within 90 days of arrival. Please read for more information on fiancé visas.

Immigrant Visa

There are two categories of visas that allow a non-United States citizen to enter the United States; immigrant visas or non-immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is intended for individuals who wish to remain permanently in the United States. There are many types of immigrant visas, such as fiancé, family based, business based, etc. To find the best type of immigrant visa for you, please contact the attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP. Please read more about Immigrant Visas.

Investment Visa

An investment visa allows an individual to enter the United States and remain here based on a particular investment in a United States based company. There are many intricate details surrounding this type of visa and the need for a highly specialized attorney in the field is essential. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP, we have a dedicated staff of qualified attorneys and paralegals, who work specifically with investment based visas. Please read more about investment visas.

Labor Certification

Employers may use labor certifications to bring qualified workers from outside the United States to fill positions that U.S. citizens are unable or unqualified to take. These very specific certifications are extremely document intensive and difficult to achieve without proper and experience guidance. Our dedicated team of employment and labor based attorneys are successfully at putting together packages that meet the requirements of USCIS. Please read more about Labor Certification.

Motions to Reopen

When an individual has been ordered removed or deported by the Immigration Judge, there is still a way to apply for relief from removal, if a proper Motion to Reopen is filed. There are several types of Motions to Reopen, based on the circumstances surrounding the order of removal or deportation. If a person did not know that they had a court appearance and the Immigration Judge ordered them removed in their absence, a Motion to Reopen in Absentia, may be filed. By filing this motion, an automatic stay of removal is triggered and the individual may not be deported or removed from the country until the Judge rules on the motion. Another type of Motion to Reopen, is a Joint Motion to Reopen. This type of Motion is used when the individual was aware that an order or removal or deportation had been issued. In these cases, it is up to the Assistant Chief Counsel, at the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to agree or join the motion presented. These motions are extremely complex and require competent legal counsel in order to succeed. At Pozo Goldstein, LLP, our rates of success for Motions to Reopen are extremely high. Please read more about Motions to Reopen.


The process of becoming a citizen of the United States through naturalization is one of the greatest benefits that an individual can gain in this country. Once a person has been a lawful permanent resident for five years, (or three if they obtained their residence by virtue of marriage) an N-400 or application for naturalization may be filed. It is important to meet with a qualified immigration specialist to determine if there are any impediments to naturalization prior to submitting the application. If an individual applies for naturalization but had committed a crime that may render them ineligible, they could put their lawful permanent residence status in jeopardy. Please discuss all applications for naturalization with our attorneys before deciding to apply. Please read more about naturalization.

Non-Immigrant Visas

A visa that allows an individual to visit the United States for a specified period of time is a non-immigrant visa. These short-term visas allow individuals to visit the United States for a limited period of time. It is important to adhere to the time restrictions set by USCIS in the specific visa. Please read more about Non-Immigrant Visas.

Permanent Resident Visa

A permanent resident visa allows an individual to remain in the United States in lawful status. The individual must remain in the parameters set forth in the permanent resident visa and renew it at the given time period. In order to maintain a permanent resident visa, an individual must maintain a good record in order to have it renewed successfully. Please read more about Permanent Resident Visas.

Student Visa

A student visa allows an eligible student to enter the United States in order to study at an approved learning institute. The student must maintain a required course load in order to keep within the parameters of the student visa. In some cases, permission to work part-time may be granted. Please read more about Student Visas.

Work Visa

A work visa allows an individual to reside in the United States and maintain employment based upon the parameters set in the particular work visa. The visa can be extended an indefinite period of time and can often be converted into lawful permanent residency or “green card” category. The attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP specialize in work related visas and are highly successful in all areas of employment or work based visas. Please read more about work visas.


The partners and attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP are dedicated to providing you with specialized and utmost service for all of your immigration needs. Through our extensive background and immigration knowledge as former prosecutors with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Department of Homeland Security and a former Miami Dade County judge, we are prepared to represent our clients in all areas of immigration law. Our personalized, one-on-one service allows our clients to experience the benefit of the personalized service of a small firm, while enjoying the advantage of a larger firm’s access to resources. With offices in many cities on the east coast, you can find the location closest to you. Our legal experience and skill will help you to make an educated decision. If you or a loved one has any question regarding their immigration status or is facing prosecution by the government, call today for a free in-house consultation.

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