Best Immigration Lawyers EVER!

After speaking with more than 10 different immigration lawyers about my husband's case and reading all the online reviews from previous clients at AVVO. I decided to hire Pozo Goldstein to defend my husband against his removal and deportation process by ICE. Mr. Goldstein and one of associates at the office were able to TERMINATE my husband's case. My husband was released just after 21 days of being detained. His charges did not qualify for bond and Mr. Goldstein was trying to get him out on parole at least. The case was a HUGE success! No Bond, No Parole, CASE TERMINATED and my husband is still a resident and will not be deported. Mr. Goldstein was always available throughout the entire process, and would respond to all of my emails at any time. I do not wish anyone to go through a situation like this one, but with attorneys like Mr. Goldstein all you can expect is trust, honesty, and a Great Defense which is what we all expect.

Nov 13, 2015

Thank you!

My case was a little complicated no lawyer wanted to get involved! Here they told me that they can help me so I stayed... And I'm happy I did! They help through the whole process answer all my questions till I received my GREEN CARD. Thank you!

Avvo Reviewer
Sep 25, 2015

Honest Advice

After several emails Attorney Goldstein said I was on track with my Redress Filing and instead of pressuring me to spend money on his services he had the integrity to tell me to wait and see the outcome before I commit to an outlay of cash for his services. I find it comforting to have dealt with an above board honest individual as Attorney Goldstein.

Avvo Reviewer
Sep 2, 2015

My family and I are forever grateful

After a long and daunting battle with the immigration process, my struggle has finally come to a favorable resolution. August 25, 2015 was one of the happiest days of my life. I entered this country as an LPR at the tender age of sixteen. As a youth, I made a mistake due to a lapse in judgment and I have been plagued by the consequences for thirty-three years. I have hired numerous immigration attorneys who failed to file my case and did not perform the promises that they made; while charging the full attorney fees. However, my situation changed when I met and hired attorney Mr. Steven Goldstein. God has definitely shown favor upon me by placing Mr. Goldstein and his staff in my life. My family and I are forever grateful for the excellent work that Mr. Goldstein, Ms. Teresita Rodriguez, and Nurialys Iglesias and his staff has done. Words cannot express my sincerest gratitude. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your law firm.

Aug 27, 2015

Best of the Best

It was a true pleasure having Mrs. Pozo as our Attorney. We'd previously had a bad experience with an Immigration Attorney but Mrs. Pozo assured us that she'd be very thorough and would guide us properly throughout the process. She did just that. She truly gave us peace of mind. Whenever we had a question or concerns, she always took our calls and or either replied via email right away, if we had emailed her. My Wife and I owe her so many thanks and appreciation due to the fact that she handled our process so very well. We highly recommend Mrs. Pozo if you're in need of an Attorney. Thank you so very much Mrs. Pozo. You've made our lives complete. You're the Best!

Avvo Reviewer
Aug 25, 2015

Steven Goldstein and Team Complete Success

Today Mr. Steven Goldstein and his team after a lengthy but really professional a thoughtful process delivered not only for me but my Family but to me a great outcome. Due to common mistakes of not hiring a professional immigration Lawyers to handle my immigration matters before. I thought I was going to lose it all and remove away from this country after leaving here more than 18 years and being able to work and live legally. Mr. Goldstein fought for my rights to have a second chance and succeeded very successfully on getting my 237 (a)1(H) approval by making very clear to the U.S Government and the Judge in a professional and accurate way, and not only a second chance was given to me, but I'm also now on the way to become U.S citizen, Thank you Mr. Goldstein and his team From now on any immigration question, advice, needed to everyone close to me will go to Mr. Goldstein and his team.

Avvo Reviewer
Aug 25, 2015