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Florida Lawmakers Revive Push to Ban Sanctuary Cities

WPB Immigration Lawyer

The Rule of Law Adherence Act

Legislation has been considered again in the form of a newly composed bill making it illegal for all cities in Florida state to give sanctuary to illegal immigrants. The Florida lawmakers have written a bill, known as the “Rule of Law Adherence Act,” that would ban sanctuary cities and prohibit city governments to withhold pertinent information about illegal immigrants from federal immigration authorities. The law would also order local jails to confine suspected illegal immigrants until authorities can bring them into federal custody.

If the bill becomes a law, it would give government officers, who report people they suspect to be in the country illegally to federal authorities, protection as whistleblowers. The new law would also penalize government officials who don’t comply with the new legal demands and they could face suspension or permanent removal from their official positions. The bill was on the docket for a hearing by Congressional members as they are confronting another deadline for a government shutdown due to the current national controversy on immigration and financial backing for the border wall. The bill was reviewed on February 11, by the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee and is considered as a starting point for reform in Florida’s immigration enforcement.

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WPB Immigration Lawyer

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