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Immigration Delays Grow Longer

West Palm Beach Naturalization

Under the Trump administration, immigrants are having a difficult time trying to stay in this country legally, or getting their full American citizenship, with no thanks to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As if things couldn’t get more frustrating for the immigrants dealing with fake immigration court hearing dates, they are also facing longer waiting periods to have their cases processed. It has been discovered that case processing times have been taking almost twice as long under the Trump administration, as opposed to the case processing times under Obama’s administration. Immigrants justly believe that the terrible treatment demonstrated toward them by the U.S. government is now government policy to dissuade them from attempting to become voting American citizens.

President Trump and the USCIS have invented more obstacles for the immigrant to deal with when trying to obtain a work-based green card. Because of USCIS’s limited resources, the new in-person interview requirement for the employment-based green cards is one of the things responsible for making people wait longer to obtain their U.S. citizenship. The wait time for USCIS to process naturalization forms now takes over 10 months, almost twice as long as the 5 months it took to process them in 2014. Along with longer waiting periods, people with business immigration cases also face the greater possibility of having their cases altogether denied.

These hindrances have been happening since President Trump had come up with his “new rules and new guidance” on immigration, making “Buy American and Hire American” the executive order in April 2017. People of watchdog organizations, who have been monitoring these situations, believe the new executive order is to blame for the hardships the immigrants are encountering now. In fact, some people label the new government policy regarding immigration, the “second wall.”

Anyone has the right to become an American citizen and there is a West Palm Beach Immigration Lawyer to assist the hopeful immigrant achieve his, or her goal. Palm Beach immigration attorneys at the law firm of Pozo Goldstein, LLP are available to help the immigrant face any obstacle that is put in their way of achieving their American citizenship, and overcoming it. These dedicated immigration attorneys have the reputation for taking on seemingly impossible immigration cases and succeeding where other attorneys have failed, and that is because they have these advantages over other attorneys:

  • They have a former immigration judge
  • They have former immigration prosecutors
  • They have 90 years of combined experience
  • They give personal attention and step-by-step service to every client
  • The offer free in-house consultations

West Palm Beach Naturalization Lawyer

To get successful legal representation from an experienced West Palm Beach Immigration Lawyer, who is committed to helping his, or her client live the American dream by becoming a citizen, contact the Law Firm of Pozo Goldstein, LLP for a free consultation. Their attorneys are dedicated to advising their clients of their options, protecting their clients’ rights, supporting their cases as they progress, and representing them when dealing with federal agencies. To schedule a free consultation, call (561) 578-4977, or call the toll free number: 1-88-VISA-LAW-1 or 1-888-472-5291. Send a message to the attorneys at Pozo Goldstein, LLP at their “Contact Us” page and they will respond as soon as possible.