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Immigrants Discharged from U.S. Army Program That Offers a Pathway to Citizenship

Pathway to Citizenship

Dozens of immigrants who have enlisted in the U.S. Army as part of a program that allowed them to earn citizenship by honorable service in the armed forces are being discharged with little or no explanation. More than 40 immigrant recruits have recently been discharged or have had their enlistment status questioned in recent months. In some cases, Army officials indicated that the discharge was due to the results of a security check that revealed relatives living abroad or because of the failure of the U.S. Department of Defense to complete necessary background checks in a timely way.

A Pathway to Citizenship for Immigrants Who Serve

The special recruitment program offered by the U.S. Army allowed recruits who had successfully completed basic training and served in the military for a year or less to apply for U.S. citizenship. By delaying entry into basic training for immigrants or discharging them early, this process can be derailed. These summary discharges and cancellations of contracts could be a sign of trouble ahead for the 15,000 immigrants currently participating in the program and for the more than 1,000 immigrants awaiting their entry into basic training to fulfill their enlistment contracts.

The Right Legal Support

Working with a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can provide practical support for those currently in the U.S. Army recruitment program and for immigrants throughout our area. The right West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can provide added support in navigating the background check process and staving off any adverse actions by the Army or other government agencies. This can ensure the best outcomes for immigrants in our local community.

At Pozo Goldstein, our team of West Palm Beach immigration lawyers can provide you with expert guidance on all aspects of your legal status. If you are serving in the U.S. Army or awaiting basic training as part of an effort to attain citizenship, we can ensure that all aspects of this process go as planned. Our West Palm Beach immigration team includes a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors, allowing us to deliver the most practical solutions for you and your family. Call us today at 561-578-4977 to schedule a free consultation in our West Palm Beach office. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.