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Palm Beach Police Apprehend 10 People After Unauthorized Boat Landing

West Palm Beach Undocumented Immigrant

Palm Beach police took 10 people into custody after they made landfall at the Lake Worth Pier on February 3, 2018. Two of these individuals held Chinese passports, and none of them appeared to speak English. These undocumented immigrants were transferred to the U.S. Border Patrol. Police are still looking for any other people who may have arrived on the boat. All are believed to be Chinese nationals.

A Growing Problem

The arrival of these individuals in February follows on the heels of an incident that took place in December 2017 in which nine individuals landed at the Jupiter inlet in West Palm Beach. These individuals hailed from Jamaica, Turkey, Haiti, China and the Bahamas with one U.S. citizen on board. Officials still do not know if these illegal immigrants were victims of human trafficking, participants in a smuggling operation or simply attempting to enter the country to find work opportunities in the United States.

Individuals at Risk

For those who enter the country illegally, the risks and stakes can be extremely high. In some cases, these individuals could be forced to work for little or no compensation or exploited in other ways. Entering the country on a legal visa can help to prevent these issues and may offer pathways to achieving legal residency in the U.S. Scheduling a consultation with a reputable West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can offer added help in determining the right approach to your issues with immigration authorities.

Resolving Immigration Issues

In many cases, undocumented immigrants can resolve their immigration problems with their residency status and visas by seeking the help of a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer. These dedicated legal professionals can provide support for green-card seekers and undocumented immigrants in their efforts to live and work in the U.S. legally.

If you need the help of an experienced and knowledgeable West Palm Beach immigration lawyer, call Pozo Goldstein at 561-578-4977 today to set up a free consultation with our office. Our team includes a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors with proven experience on the other side of the aisle. At Pozo Goldstein, we are here to serve all your immigration needs.