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Three Men Charged With Human Trafficking in West Palm Beach

Palm Beach Immigration

Three men have been arrested on charges of human trafficking in the West Palm Beach area. Octavio Diaz-Mendez, Edictor Rosman Perez-Morales and Bartolo Mazariegos-Chay were all charged with felony offenses related to prostitution and trafficking of individuals recruited from other countries. These women and girls were coerced into acting as prostitutes through threats made against their family members in their home countries. The charges highlight the importance of access to an expert West Palm Beach immigration attorney to help prevent exploitation of vulnerable individuals in our area.

Three Different Houses of Ill Repute

Law enforcement officials found evidence of prostitution in three different houses in the West Palm Beach area:

  • The 500 block of Independence Road
  • The 700 block of Belvedere Road
  • The 3800 block of Miller Avenue

Surveillance reports indicated that men were coming and going from these addresses regularly and staying for an average of 20 minutes or less. The three men charged with trafficking and offenses related to prostitution served as doormen for the three locations.

A Form of Modern-Day Slavery

The women involved in these operations were threatened and coerced to prevent them from contacting law enforcement officials. Fears about immigration status might also have played a role in preventing these women and girls from attempting to escape their situations. Investigators and other officials have likened the conditions under which these women lived as a form of slavery. According to law enforcement officials, at least one of the women was under the age of 18.

The Importance of Legal Representation

For many of these women, seeking guidance from a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can provide added help in resolving their situation and ensuring the best outcomes for their cases. If they wish to return to their home countries, their lawyer can provide support throughout this process. For those who wish to live and work in this country legally, a West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can offer expert advice on the visa application process and the best strategies for acquiring a green card and permanent legal residency in the U.S.

West Palm Beach Immigration Lawyer

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