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West Palm Beach Reaches Settlement with Justice Department

West Palm Beach Citizenship

In response to recent statements by the United States Justice Department, West Palm Beach has issued a memo that states that employers within the city’s jurisdiction are free to share information about citizenship and immigration status with officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The memo was released to counter claims by the Justice Department that West Palm Beach was in violation of federal laws requiring full cooperation with ICE officials and other immigration agencies.

Two Sides to the Story

The mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio, stated that the city had been and continues to be in compliance with all federal requirements. By contrast, the Justice Department is claiming victory and stating that West Palm Beach had caved in to federal demands to avoid losing a case in the courtroom setting. According to Muoio, these statements by the Justice Department comprise “a set of lies that do not reflect our discussions with them.”

Federal Grants Will Continue

The settlement between the Justice Department and the city of West Palm Beach will ensure that the municipality will continue to receive federal grant money for law enforcement activities. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant is one of the largest of these programs and has provided over $400,000 over the last five years to the West Palm Beach Police Department. It is likely that Mayor Muoio took this funding into consideration when reaching an agreement with Justice Department officials.

Solid Legal Representation Is Necessary

For immigrants living and working in Florida, consulting with a qualified West Palm Beach immigration lawyer is an essential step toward resolving visa issues and getting on the right track for permanent residency and citizenship. Your West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can provide you with the most accurate and practical advice for your situation and your family.

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