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Scammers Indicted in Palm Beach Immigration Investment Scheme

Palm Beach Green Card

Two Palm Beach businessmen have been indicted on charges that they defrauded foreign investors who were seeking the opportunity to earn green cards through lawful investment in development projects in the U.S. Leslie R. Evans and Robert V. Matthews were indicted on 20 counts of wire fraud, bank fraud and illegal monetary transactions on March 14, 2018. The defendants stand accused of soliciting investments in the Palm House Hotel, a proposed development that was represented as an opportunity for foreign investors to join with well-known individuals in the field of entertainment and politics in a surefire business venture. Rather than using the funds raised to support this development, however, Evans and Matthews pocketed the proceeds for use in paying off credit cards, purchasing a yacht and in the acquisition of two other properties.

Exploiting Investors Seeking Green Cards

Many of the foreign investors who participated in this project did so in an effort to participate in the EB-5 program, a federal initiative that provides a pathway to lawful permanent resident status for investors who participate in a qualifying development project in the United States. The South Atlantic Regional Center, LLC was responsible for advertising and attracting foreign investors for the project and served as a clearinghouse and intermediary for funds acquired through these channels. It is not yet clear what recourse these foreign investors have in recovering the funds they invested in the Palm House Hotel. Seeking the assistance of an experienced West Palm Beach immigration lawyer could be a good first step toward recovering the funds stolen by these unscrupulous individuals.

Exploiting Prospective Immigrants

The EB-5 program was instituted in 1990 to allow foreign nationals who invest $1 million or more in U.S. businesses to achieve lawful permanent residency in this country. For most of these individuals, retaining the services of a qualified West Palm Beach immigration lawyer can provide some degree of protection against frauds like those perpetrated by Matthews and Evans and can ensure the best use of available funds in beginning a new life in the United States.

If you need the help of a knowledgeable West Palm Beach immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein can help. Our team consists of highly trained attorneys, including two former immigration prosecutors and a former judge. This depth of experience and expertise allows us to provide you with the right representation for your immigration case. Call us today at 561-578-4977 to schedule an in-office consultation.