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Undocumented Parents
School districts across the United States are making plans to protect their students if their undocumented parents are deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE. These steps are necessary because of the unprecedented increase in detentions and deportations since the Trump administration took office in January 2017. By providing parents with a...
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ICE Deportation
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more commonly referred to as ICE, is currently asking for more than $1 billion in additional funding to pursue deportations and detentions for undocumented immigrants in the United States. The agency has requested that Congress include these funds as part of the continuing resolution required to prevent a government shutdown on...
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Immigration Cases
While the state of California currently has the largest backlog of immigration cases at an estimated 140,676 cases outstanding at the end of July 2018, Florida is also experiencing a steep growth in the number of cases backed up in the immigration system of our state. According to figures compiled and analyzed by the Transactional...
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ICE Custody
The tragic death of 18-month-old Mariee Juárez while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has resulted in a $40 million lawsuit being filed against the city of Eloy, Arizona, by the mother of the little girl. This case highlights the dangers that children and adults alike can face in ICE custody and...
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Cancellation of Removal Lawyer
A Lawrence, Kansas, man will get his day in court after being arrested and taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials on January 24, 2018. Syed Jamal is originally from Bangladesh but has lived and worked in the U.S. for more than three decades. Jamal was nearly deported in February 2018 when...
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Legal Immigrants
White House insiders report that President Trump and his advisors are quietly putting together a plan that would affect the ability of immigrants legally in the U.S. to get green cards or to achieve citizenship. Senior White House advisor Stephen Miller is the architect of the proposed changes, which would allow immigration officials to deny...
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Immigrant Families
As more immigrant families are reunited with their children in accordance with a court order issued on June 26, 2018, many continue to be at risk of deportation from the U.S. According to immigration advocates, the Trump administration plans to deport as many as 1,000 recently reunited families in the near future. Attorneys in San...
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Pathway to Citizenship
Dozens of immigrants who have enlisted in the U.S. Army as part of a program that allowed them to earn citizenship by honorable service in the armed forces are being discharged with little or no explanation. More than 40 immigrant recruits have recently been discharged or have had their enlistment status questioned in recent months....
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Undocumented Immigrants
The Guatemalan-Maya Center in Lake Worth, Florida, has served immigrants in the local community since 1992 and continues to provide material help for those in need across southern Florida. New concerns about parents being separated from their children and the risk of deportation, however, have made this gathering place a rare refuge for undocumented immigrants...
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Immigration Detention Centers
U.S. Representative Lois Frankel, a Democrat from West Palm Beach, Florida, made a two-day trip to Texas on June 22 and 23, 2018. This trip allowed Frankel to visit several immigration detention centers in the state that house immigrants while they await their court dates. Frankel had the opportunity to meet with mothers who had...
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